Конференция «Do Emotions Shape the World?»

Call for Papers

15th European Conference on Science and Theology, Assisi, Italy

April 30th – May 4th, 2014

Do Emotions Shape the World?

All those attending the conference are invited to offer a paper on this conference theme for presentation in a short paper session. This issue can be approached from a number of perspectives. In addition to the main question, we might ask: What is emotion? What have we learnt about the biochemistry and psychophysiology of emotions? How has our understanding of emotions changed over time? What is the role of emotions in theology and religious experience? What is the role of emotions in scientific research? How should we describe emotions, rationality, subjectivity and objectivity in light of the best knowledge in science and theology? In the wake of “Descartes Error”, how do we re-conceptualize the understanding, pursuit and communication of science? How does theology feed cultural, spiritual and moral capital into the economy of global challenges? These are some of the issues we aim to pursue.

Papers related to these issues are welcome. Papers on other aspects of the interaction between science and theology may also be offered.

Those intending to present a paper should submit a provisional title, 5 to 10 keywords, and an outline of not more than 500 words which makes clear the relevance of the paper to the theme of the conference or other aspects of the interaction between science and theology. These single-sided outlines should also include: full name, academic position (if any), full postal and e-mail addresses. They must be received as e-mail attachments only before October 31st, 2013 by the Scientific Programme Officer at the address below and must be sent in either .doc or .rtf file format. The conference language is English. For more information about the conference, visit the esssat-website: www.esssat.org.

Information about the acceptance of a paper will be given in December 2013 together with guidelines for the paper and its presentation at the conference. Complete papers must be received by March 15th, 2014. Papers and the short paper session schedule will be made available to registered participants and members of esssat.

Each presenter will have 5-10 minutes to present the main ideas of the paper, followed by 20 minutes for discussion. PowerPoint facilities and overhead projectors will be available. Presenters are free to distribute their own handouts, but must provide copies for the audience. Some of the papers presented at the conference will be printed in forthcoming esssat publications. Information on submission and selection will be given later. Presentation of a paper at the conference does not guarantee publication.

Scientific Programme Officer:     Dr. Knut-Willy Sæther, E-mail: programme@esssat.org

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Dr. Knut-Willy Sæther

Associate Professor, PhD, philosophy of religion

Volda University College, www.hivolda.no and

NLA University College, www.nla.no

Personal webpage: www.knutwillysaether.weebly.com


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