EASR conference in Helsinki 2016: Nonreligion and Atheism in Central and Eastern Europe

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to submit a paper abstract for our panel proposal “Nonreligion and Atheism in Central and Eastern Europe” at the EASR 2016 Conference: Relocating Religion in Helsinki (28 June – 1 July 2016).

Lately, the criticism of secularization-thesis has largely been replaced by the fresh perspectives, including studies on atheism, nonreligion and secularity. The booming research on these topics originated from the Anglo-American context and the focus is still mainly on the U.S. and British (non)religious scene. Research on nonreligion in Central and Eastern Europe, despite the region’s interesting background of “forced” secularization, seems rather modest, especially in the regard of comparative studies. Thus, to encourage such a cooperation and research on the topics, without limiting the approach or discipline but concentrating on former Communist bloc countries, we invite papers on:
atheism and nonreligion in the predominantly secular societies;
atheism and nonreligion, their organized and individual manifestations;
the impact of “forced secularization” on contemporary nonreligiosity;
historical aspects of (national) nonreligiosity;
atheistic conceptualization of religious systems;
methodological concepts of the study of (non)religion in the secular societies

Deadline for submission of abstracts (max. 1600 characters, including the name of the paper presenter, title of paper, his or her institutional affiliation and email) is 23 October, 2015. Please submit your abstract to: Tomas.Bubik@upce.cz or atko.remmel@ut.ee

Best regards,
Tomas Bubik, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic
Atko Remmel, University of Tartu, Estonia

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